Monthly Archives: August 2013

An Extra Day to Enjoy!


The Weather Horse is slightly wet from pitter pattering intermittent rain fall, bright overcast with occasional leakage, mowing seems doubtful, ragweeds are towering threatening seeding for next year, some trees showing a  faint change of hue, ponds are cooling but still quite swimable (especially with a great rope swing!), the weekend providing an extra day to enjoy our sweet summer.

Comes around again…

with dogs

The Weather Horse reports a Friday pestered by dogs, overcast and misty start – burning off slowly on the hill, crickets chirping with the sounds of Summer, tomatoes ripening, woodpile drying, a sweet circle back in time – only to come around again in a slightly different form, ever passing time bringing on a new day.

Light Rain…

grazing wet

The Weather Horse reports light rain, bad hair day, quiet crow over the field, misty fog rolling around in very light winds, dripping clover under thriving ragweed, full rain buckets overflowing, hovering moisture blanketing the morning and shining the horse’s hoofs.

Summer Rolls Along

long shadows

The Weather Horse and Rev with long morning shadows hanging out by the new fence – buck, buck, buck is in the works, new crop of lettuce transplanted out – may be a little late with that, mostly sunny and humid, choruses of crickets, annuals peaking in their pots, summer rolls along its glorious path nearing the fall destination and busier times.

Have a Great Weekend!

wake up

The Weather Horse and Rev waking up on Friday to a partly to mostly painted cloud sky, another warm day with changes coming, hunting cat overnight now sleeping in the bathroom sink, Johnnie tending a cut on Rev with absessive attention, Fritz Dreaming in Ashburnham this weekend while a longtime project is coming to a close on the North Shore, have a great Friday, Saturday and Sunday, see you next week!

Sumptuous Summer Day!


The Weather Horse and Rev spy something along the edge while sun floods the field, delightful temps and dry air this morning, a new fence enclosure at the end of the barn makes a wonderful dog pen – geese were there once upon a time, no rain in sight for gardens getting thirsty, toads hiding in shadows seeking the seeming safety of the barn, sumptuous Summer seducing the senses and warming the soul.

Sweet Summer Morning


The Weather Horse finds a cool, fresh summer morning with many bugs, yesterday being a nice day at the beach, Rev running circles around everything, wet ground from heavy dew drying with rising temps, high cloudiness filtering the waning Summer sun, Sterling returning preyless from early hunting to sleep after a breakfast of cat chow chow chow, welcome to Tuesday, 20 August 2013.

Serene Sunday


The Weather Horse reports a serene start to Sunday 18 August 2013 with some high clouds turning to overcast, moderate temps warming to swimable, bugs abounding, heavy dew ensuring emerald carpeting, lone loon spanning the land between lakes with his lonely call, horse scratching on the clothesline pole, eying the greener grass in the garden.



The Weather Horse reports more than one shadow following along behind, more bright sun in partly cloudy skies, the apparently dead tree coming to life as a flock of busy birds alight all at once, cool dew wetting the hoof, gently stirring breezes moving warming temps, still feels a bit like fall to start though Summer continues to reign.

Listening to the Loons…


The Weather Horse listening to distant loons singing in the still morning, heavy dew misting up into the field, the familiar nip of fall (a little early) with a lovely clear blue sky, bright sunshine showing up over the trees, tomatoes chilling green to red in the garden, bugs are biting driving the horse to the barn, stealth ninja hat providing ear cover and Rev consulting.