Monthly Archives: June 2013

An Itch to Scratch


The Weather Horse reports an itch to scratch, sun in the haze making the humid air warm, a beautifully blue bird fleeing before Rev, clouds threatening continuously in an unsettled day – dry for now – mediocre mosquitoes joining the mammals, chirping chipmunks cute in the stonewall while Sterling stalks them, Summer Exhibit at The Meeting House later at 4:PM on 30 June 2013, have a peaceful Sunday!

Downtown Day Looks Promising, Happy Saturday!


The Weather Horse Saturday, 29 June 2013, reports lightening skies with whispery winds wafting, warm humid temperatures expected to rise with receding clouds, still unsettled with chances of rain, moderate mosquitoes up here on the hill, rampant unknown squash vine forming fruit to solve the mystery, weeds flourishing everywhere along with nutritious clover and grass, mower is fixed but too wet to cut, a good weather window for Downtown Day looks promising, Happy Saturday!

Still in the Clouds

looking out

The Weather Horse reports rain, roses, Rev and rambling mutant vines rejoicing in the compost pile while cucumber plants rot in the garden, life in the low clouds since yesterday expected to continue with intermittent rain, no sun. breezes moving the clouds along, bugs at bay, birds laying low, a warmer, soggy though drying day on the way.

Low Clouds This Morning


The Weather Horse reports fairy tents up overnight everywhere in Midsummer celebration, Rev (the 71 lb lap dog) sweet this morning under light rain hanging in low clouds and fog, cooler temperatures relieve the heat while treetops wave in a gentle wind, robin, bluebird and goldfinch families learning to feed, skeeters thick as Sterling returns from a perfect cat night.

Roaming with Rev…


The Weather Horse roaming with Rev by the romantic smell of roses, in grass full of clover under brightening, though unsettled skies, clouds looming without lowering warm temps in air thick with moisture, full water buckets from rains overnight, many mosquitoes meandering repelled by bug spray and the stealth ninja hat, tail swishing without any wind, goldfinches sparkling in a still Wednesday morning.

Another Sultry, Steamy, Summer Morning

with Rev

The Weather Horse, Tuesday, 25 2013, reports backing into yesterday‘s westerly wind driven rain in severe storms with tail to the hail, may possibly repeat today after another sultry, steamy, summer morning stretching into another hazy, hot, humid day. High sun rising quickly, new parts for the tortured tractor awaiting installation, baby robins abound for Rev to chase, young chipmunk rescued from the cat in the greenhouse, with light caressing winds wafting over all.

Welcome to the New Week!


The Weather Horse reports a Bluebird family, newly emerged and  learning to feed from the overhead wires in warm, humid temperatures expecting to rise throughout the day, Johnnie joins the freedom of the morning with a neighborhood romp, wavering winds blowing tails, chimes and branches, the moist air bringing sweet scents from the rose blooms under hazy summer skies, welcome to the new week!

A Sleepy Start to Sunday


The Weather Horse reports a subdued, sleepy, start to Sunday with shavings stuck in a still mane, no wind, slightly overcast, sultry temps promising to warm and moisten, the general chorus tweeting sweet songs in the otherwise quiet beginning, look – at sunset – for the super moon tonight and enjoy a summer day of rest.

Enjoy this Summer Saturday!


The Weather Horse Saturday, 22 June 2013, reports dogs spinning in hot pursuit of each other, the never ending battle of light against dark, Little John joining the fray and the walk with the Doc, Summer is singing along with the cardinals, rising temperatures and humidity, hazy skies with softly rustling whispering winds, swarming little flies and biting mosquitoes hanging in the shadowy places until the heat of the day drives them away, enjoy this Summer Saturday!

Happy Summer!


The Weather Horse reports that the grass is greener on the other side, munching in the front yard after leaving the barn through open doors, clover abundantly flowering along with the sweet scent from peony and recent rose blooms, busy bees buzzing, shrilling toads trilling, cheerful chickadees chirping amongst the first songs of Summer. Sun at its highest in the beautiful clear sky warming the promising day with gentle Western breezes, no rain in sight, Happy Summer to all!