Monthly Archives: September 2013

Into a New Week

ear shadow

This morning The Weather Horse was found trimming in the vegetable garden, narrowly missing almost ripened tomatoes, bright sunshine making distinct ear shadows, an egg a day from the young hens, Rev romping robustly in remarkable fall temperatures while fuzzy brown and black caterpillars bump along by.

Brian’s Gift Race

brians race

The Weather Horse and Rev hanging with two of the many volunteers working the Brian’s Gift Race, awaiting the first runners on a truly great day for the race (the human race, etc) under crystal blue skies, warm temps, earlier mist rising and drying in clean dry air, spectacular sun and deep shadow, lots happening downtown at the finish line, enjoy!

Happy Friday

who me

The Weather Horse amongst the missing this morning, sampling apples and greener grass on the other side, found and returned to hang out in the barn under gray skies, showing a distinct thickening of his coat in anticipation, awaiting the sun appearing to cheer up a gloomy start to Friday.



The Weather Horse breakfasting on crabapples aware of some activity to the west with cloudy skies above, mild though cool temps, sun wanting to break through, color increasing throughout the landscape, grass growth slowing, perennials browning, annuals nearing the end, enjoyable fall days blooming ahead.

Happy B-Day FPJ III and Dream!

leaving the barn

The Weather Horse heading out to the brightening day, a 25th birth anniversary – where did the time go – as time does, away onto the future, but presently it is sunny, clear blue skies, temps quickly rising, winds calmly caressing, riding off this morning on the other horse for 2nd breakfast.

Farewell Sweet Summer

sun out

The Weather Horse reports the sun coming out to wash away the rain as Summer leaves us this afternoon for Fall and the changing of seasons. Buckets are full, lawn and garden watered, air refreshed overnight, along with the first little egg from the young chickens (!), a clomping drive-by to the crabapple tree then off to the field for lush munching, bugs at bay with cooler temps, occasional clouds in bright blue skies – Welcome Fall, farewell sweet Summer.

sour Breakfast

crabapple 3

Apparently both the Weather Horse and Rev like crabapples for breakfast, busy and changeable Saturday morning, nice ride into the cloud earlier, nice walk up the hill – under clearing skies – after 2nd breakfast in the greenhouse, apple core treats for Lancer and Rev (Johnnie doesn’t like apples), peels for the chickens, tomatoes still ripening in a now mostly sunny day, to change later back to clouds and maybe some rain.

Another Stunning Day


The Weather Horse appreciating another beauty day, does it get much better than this? Bright sunlight casting deep shadows, deep blue above and changing color below contrasting with back lit leaves against totally clear sky, rooster crowing and chasing the hens, Sterling showing up after a night out cat hunting, apples ready on the tree, quinces forming on the bush, heavy dew steaming away like smoke.