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Leave of Absence…


A special message to all Weather Horse fans far and wide: I apologize for leaving off on the postings from Lancer, Isaboo, Rev and all the birds, plants and changing weather here on the hill. Time and efforts that were once offered here have been directed towards an issue affecting everyone in one way or another. Our lovely rural town, and others across our state, full of flora, fauna and some wonderful properties are being threatened by the proposed gas pipeline project. Our backyard is not directly in the path of this project but it is within a mile of us. Our close neighbor has already lost over 10% (over $50,000) of their property value in the face of the potential project.

My personal issue with this project is the taking of personal property either through:
∙ Destruction of property and environments caused by the installation and maintenance processes
∙ Devaluation of people’s property values all along the proposed route
∙ Government sanctioned private corporation granted the use eminent domain

I fundamentally disagree with any private corporation being granted rights and the power of eminent domain by the government over and above the rights of United States citizens, individual property owners and other protected land areas. Other concerns are for the environment, water quality, destruction of animal habitats, etc. The impacts of this project are many and reach far beyond our own backyard; please become informed about the implications of this project and contact your government representatives.

I hereby am taking a stand against this project and am dedicating time I would otherwise spend providing the Weather Horse posts. We hope to be back with the Weather Horse in our peaceful, safe and positive environment once the battle and threat is over. It is Everyone’s Backyard; protect our Common Wealth. Thank you for your Weather Horse interest and support, Cynda Warren Joyce, CWJ Designs

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First Cut Hay

misty morn

Thick mosquito filled moisture laden air under thick cloud cover, seeds planted, cared for and growing, first cut hay residing – piled like green gold by treasured friends, tomatoes blossoming, squashes gently waking with warmth from the heightened sunshine.

Horse energy drawn away in other battles lately, challenging darkness to reveal enemies amidst us, throwing monsters off of the train, crossing chasms and returning to the station where the barking of dogs helps to instigate peace.

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