Monthly Archives: October 2013

In the Cloud


The cloud is real and on the ground this morning – not the virtual cloud from whence this message came – rolling mist shrouding shadow and light, warmish temps making outside work delightful, wood piled, gardens cleaner, no goblins in sight yet, Happy Halloween!

As Color Fades


Color fading in the landscape, smoke curling from the chimney, light rain has an extra frozen sound as it hits the drying leaves, The Weather Horse coat thickening daily, cat wandering curtailed and transformed to sleeping inside, gray day with quiet air hushed by moisture, trees mostly naked casting no shadow and allowing deeper views beyond lost foliage for the curious.

Frosty Start


Heavy frost on the field, a flock of cold Juncos searching for food, the Weather Horse and Rev feeding on crabs as usual (Rev doesn’t actually eat them), light later and later in the morning as the days shrink, bright sky with warming sun, beauty day with winds calming, color fading as peak passes, rusty oaks and bronzing beeches remaining dressed for now.

Chilly Crunching


Chilly crabapples crunching, light frost rising, breezy sky blueing, leaves leaving trees, rodents stashing seeds, final flowers blooming, the fire friend returning, cat sleeping soundly, dogs playing obliviously while the changing season reigns.

Walking Strong

walking out

Frost on the pumpkin under clear skies to start, clouds and temps increasing, flocks of small birds gathered in hordes mingling in patterns over the shedding trees, crows winging in black cloaks, chickens purring in response to green tomatoes, dill harvested and hung to dry, tender plants moved indoors crowding windows, storm doors glassed and needing cleaning, no perceptible lameness remaining!

Fall Moving Through


The Weather Horse getting fuzzy, coat thickening just in time, another chance to bring in tender plants, a pink sunrise to welcome a warm fall day, colder days to follow soon, grass transitioning to brown and trees naked to gray, ever changing to adapt in advance with intrinsic knowledge, geese flocks flying over low with wings pumping air in short swooshes whispering farewell.

Strolling into a New Week

love mints

The Weather Horse simply loves peppermints with a sublimely sweet breath smelling of mint over fresh hay, light frost overnight drying and warming in slanted sunlight creating the backlit leaf color to break through the woodland shadow with the punch of stained glass hanging in early east light, missing Rev antics, lameness fading from last week, even trotting home last night, strolling into a new week with renewed ease.

Feeling a Bit Better


The Weather Horse feeling a little better this morning, contained in a smaller yard to limit strolling too far, munching a few acorns and finding clover still growing in mild temps, soothing moist air moving sweetly through, sun attempting a comeback, Fall settled in with New England grandeur!

Gray Day


The Weather Horse treated to the front lawn where grass is still lush and delicious, coming up lame yesterday with a sore front leg/shoulder as happens sometimes, taking it easy under mostly cloudy skies with mild temps, moist air, a quiet day, gentle breezes rustling color soaked treetops, hushing the sounds of rooster and hen, steady progress of carpeting leaves.

Plump Quince on the Bush


The sun coming up later and later, partly cloudy, the Weather Horse finding grass amongst the fallen leaves, comfortable fall temps, no frost last night, bluejays seem to be everywhere – noisy screeching ensues – squirrels busy gathering for the coming winter, chippies running along the walls hiding from Sterling and Rev hunting halfheartedly, quinces plumping on the bush and tomatoes still ripening on the vine.