Monthly Archives: July 2013

Another Stunning Summer Day


The Weather Horse reports another stunning summer day! Clear skies for now, rising temps in high pressure and delightful dry air, dew drying fast, busy birds with new families, wild turkeys wandering, Rev curious, Sterling stalking, Little John sleeping in on the couch while the outside world awakens!

Welcome to the New Week!

back in the yard

The Weather Horse, 29 July 2013, reports Little John off on a neighborhood romp after sneaking out the open door, partly cloudy, partly sunny with humid air, titmice in the berry bushes, recently quenched gardens and grass, water buckets full from the rain, deerflies thick in the woods, blueberries abounding, welcome to the new week!

Slept In

slept in

The Weather Horse slept in this rainy morning, seems to be clearing for the afternoon, very light wind with still cooler temps, grass and garden nourished again, sweet summer songs and robins worming, rain water collected, life moving on…


with Rev out front

The Weather Horse reports a cool start with fall like temps, refreshing gentle winds drying the ground again, cloudy with chance of rain and struggling grasses, Rev subdued after walking off with some people and their poodle, great day to be outside, enjoy the reprieve from the high heat and humidity, it may be back soon!

Blissful Summer Morning

front yard shadow

The Weather Horse, grateful to be let back onto the party grounds, reports Rev took off, mostly sunny skies with charming NW breezes bringing in changing air, freshly watered lawn and gardens rejoicing in fabulous summer temps, crows in the field, chipmunks in the wall, blissful morning awaiting the day.

Happy to be Back!


The Weather Horse reports the party was fantastic, The Installers were an awesome band, many people brought me treats and I watched them dance on the lawn from my corner, the fireworks were terrifying, but I survived in my stall with lots of hay, it is raining today with thunder and the human has let me back into the yard, the tent is gone now, and things seem much the same after days of celebration and all sorts of commotion, family and friends, peaceful rumbling with intermittent rain drops welcome in the gardens and lawn, grateful for all and happy to be back!

Abundance at Times…

hay is in

The Weather Horse, 17 July 2013, reports summer heat is on with mostly sunny skies, thriving insects, thirsty gardens, the barn is filled with the scent of freshly cut hay – the most wonderful thing to have a supply of hay – many thanks to all who made this possible, life is full and abundant at times!

Ever Thankful and Grateful…


The Weather Horse reports Rev hunting huge mooseflies hovering, a partly cloudy morning with very warm sun shining through, temps rocketing for the afternoon hay bale gathering – thanks to a wonderfully thoughtful neighbor with a field full and marvelous antique mowing, raking and baling equipment!