About The Weather Horse

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The Weather Horse, Lancer; it is what it is.

Lancer, is 20+ years old, 15-3 hands and 1/4 Percheron and 3/4 Quarter Horse. His friends include the new pony Blackness, Rev and Little John the dogs, Sterling & Roger the cats, and many other humans. He lives outside (in at night) and has become quite good at reporting the weather in Ashburnham, MA, Elevation 1200ft.  He likes carrots and peppermints along with grain, grass and hay.

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4 thoughts on “About The Weather Horse

  1. Melissa

    Hi. Lancer is very handsome. My fuzzy buddy lives outside all year as well. His name is Charlie. He’s sweet and hasn’t a friend although he has 2 stablemates. They are “in love” and poor Charlie hangs by the fence with the neighbors alpacas.

    I’m excited to have joined your page.

  2. Lancer Post author

    Hi Melissa, glad you’ve joined, sorry Charlie is left out but glad he has the alpacas! Lancer has Rev and chickens and seems OK without a herd.


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