Monthly Archives: May 2013

Summer for Today!


The Weather Horse reports long clear shadows reaching towards exploding rhododendron blossoms, mosquitos held back with a quick brush and application of bug spray, Rev has a stick, warm lovely temps to start after a cool and loon echoing night – expecting to rise to hot later, not a cloud in sight, little to no wind, robins chirping and digging, the sound of motorcycles commuting – traveling across the lake with a roar, summer for today!

Want to Play?

with the ball

The Weather Horse reports getting up late this morning after close lightning with immediate thunder overnight, orange poppies facing the sun, iris opening in purple and yellow, summer like temps to begin the day with clear hazy, hot, humid air bringing Lancer back into his cooler, shady, bugless barn – even when there is great eating outside!

Don’t forget to smell the flowers…


The Weather Horse reports many mosquitos 29 May 2013, smelling, tasting the giant Rhubarb flower wondering if it would make a good pie, light rain misting away to a drying spell with a barely brightening sky, thick air to warm quickly in any sun and temps expected only to rise, no wind, showers or shadows for a while – don’t forget to take time and smell the flowers!

Welcome to the Short Week!


The Weather Horse reports the fire pit still smoking from last night, woodpeckers knocking, baby crow coarsely cawing, mostly sunny and cool to start with high clouds on the move, little winds bringing warming temps, a jet stream splits the sky moving sideways towards the SE, happy to see Rev back from the weekend, welcome to the new week!

Happy Memorial Day, Thank You


The Weather Horse reports in honor and memory of those who served and serve, a prize Memorial Day 2013 with clear blue skies, sun warming temps, not a black fly in sight, the calm soon to be split by cannon fire, the salute fired on the hill, Amazing Grace from the horn, the Anthem of the Nation and the march Downtown. A day to celebrate life and freedom with grateful, thankful thoughts, without rain, with abundant clover, a full rain water bucket, air sweetened with lilac and birdsong – commemorate, enjoy and honor. Thank you…

This is Spring! 26 May 2013


The Weather Horse reports dark clouds racing under white with patches of blue showing through, a chilly Sunday start for 26 May 2013, some mixed precipitation (yes some big sloppy snowflakes in there) overnight ending the rains of yesterday. Brisk NW breezes, blowing forelock, mane and tail, rustling the lilacs and honeysuckle—bringing forth a cool day. Sun making its way in and out of clouds, winds drying out the gardens, loon flying over sideways—song breaking above the dull roar, it has really been Spring, not Summer yet…

Peaceful, Pastoral, Saturday 25 May 2013


The Weather Horse reports a cool calm and quiet Saturday, 25 May 2013 in light rain under cloud cover, under tree cover, in tall, tasty, thriving grass – even the rooster has a hush to his crowing. Fine misty air with tiny drops clinging to violets and the budding iris, damp conditions without shadows – some movement in the soaked treetops heavy now with fat drops, peaceful, pastoral at the edge of the field.

Keep on Moving Friday


The Weather Horse reports snow cover under the crabapple tree, overnight rain and showers downing the blossoms, off and on rain dropping other spent blooms and growing the grass, buttercups, horseradish and bringing forth the giant rhubarb flower – cloudy with gentle wind wafting lilac across the yard and mild temps, unstable humid air suggesting more precipitation to come, too wet to rototill and plant the garden today…

Scratching Between Mouthfuls – 23 May 2013

itchy ear

The Weather Horse scratching an itch, as usual between mouthfuls, in the misty morning – low clouds the air full of water – no shadows – no wind – no sunshine, mild temps with minimal black flies, swelling buds on the rhododendron promising summer soon, robins pulling wriggly worms, lilacs fully blooming sweetly scenting the early day.

A Weather Horse and his Dog – 22 May 2013

horse and dog

The Weather Horse – 22 May 2013 – thunder and lightning rocked through the early hours, rain soaked the farm, the barn roof has a leak, Rev found Lancer not playful and hungry, more rain expected later with a window coming up for a few hours of cool dry eating, light breeze moving unstable air, a brief view of sun or brightening skies possible then not for a quite a while…