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There’s Been a Change in the Weather

My favorite lawnmowers!

My favorite lawnmowers!

Hello Weather Horse fans!  Lancer is doing well, has a nice new friend and is enjoying the summery, shortening days. If you are interested in Lancer and might like to see what is going on at his place, Crowover Farm, please sign up on the webpage to receive email updates about what’s doing there or Like us on FaceBook. Lancer appears from time to time on the Crowover News posts as animals come and go, things grow and happen there.

We sell Pastured Chicken Eggs, Guinea Hogs, Seasonal Vegetables, Perennials, Herbs & Flowers.


Currently Residing at Crowover Farm:

Along with Lancer is Blackness or Beau as we call him is a 13 hand Hackney Pony who arrived late spring to keep Lancer happy and in trouble.  Guinea Hogs Bernadette and Brady along with Socks one of seven piglets born last March. Bernadette is in a “Piggy Way” again and expecting any day now. About 25 assorted Chickens are laying delicious eggs and with our friendly Roo make 26. Two more rogue hens went Broody, hid outside for three weeks and have newly hatched 14 Chicklets – 7 each for a grand total of 42. Calves still come and go and the usual suspects Little John, Rev (dogs), Sterling and Roger (cats) patrol the place when they are not sleeping soundly in the sun.

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Wicked Cold, -11


A rare occasion, Lancer wearing a blanket; he really does not like to and creates much resistance. Enjoying extra hay with his new charge, a little guy to boss around; Reddington who comes with his own warm coat.